Grow Them Responsible And They Will Save The Earth


Education has always been the best key to understand and appreciate the environment. Therefore, our children should be educated how to live green. Many experts are now organizing schools for little green activists.

There are also other people that consider as very important to teach their children what is green living. Yet, the first step starts in the appreciation of the nature. In case you have children and you want to teach them how to live environmental-friendly, here are few advices that may help.

The first and the most important step is to teach them about the advantages of living green. Teach them to grow plants and explain them that trees and plants are those that help us to breathe.

green living

Make the connection between nature clear and your children will start to think about respecting the environment. Camping is also another step, which you should take with the little ones. It is a smart step, for it will teach them to love the surrounding nature and it will show them how to keep clean the world they live in.

green living

Another issue, which your children need to know about, is recycling. They surely already have heard about it. The experts say that if you involve your children in this process, it will get easier for them to understand why this is so important. Teach them to recycle correctly and mostly, to know the benefits of recycling.

Plastic is another big theme, which should be discussed with your kids. Perhaps most of their toys are plastic. Avoid buying plastic toys and exchange them with those that can be recycled.

green livingExplain to your children why this is so necessary and teach them that plastic is the most significant contributor to the landfills as their recycling is rarely possible.

Remind your kids to switch off the light and those devices that are on stand-by. Teach them that they are actually consuming energy, even on stand-by mode.

Organic is also a must for many green lovers, so start teaching your children what exactly is organic and especially about the difference between organic and conventional food.

Preparing organic meals with them is also a key to understanding. Having organic meals for breakfast is also part of the green motivation of your kids. Saving water is yet another good thing you should teach your children.

In case you have a garden, involve your children into landscaping or maintaining the yard. It is very useful and it will motivate them to love and appreciate the nature.


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