Green Building With Green Building Products!


With an increased awareness about the degenerating environmental conditions it makes sense to make green habits a part of the daily life. A green home would be the natural next step to a greener life. Even if you already have a home, many green products can be added to it and also green building products can be used when renovating homes that were previously not built with green thoughts in mind.

green building productsGreen building products are not just a fashion statement but prove to be very beneficial for the building and the residents. The greatest advantage would be reduced energy consumption and also reduced maintenance over time.  A house built with these kinds of products will also lead to better the occupant’s health and efficiency.

When green building products are used in construction of buildings, non–renewable resources are conserved. So what exactly are green building products?

Green building products are those products and materials that are composed of renewable resources rather than nonrenewable resources. Green materials have less adverse effect on the environment and in the long run prove very economical.

Green building products are resource efficient, improve indoor air quality, are energy efficient, conserve water and above all affordable. Do remember that one product that may be considered green at one location may not be a green option at another location.

Some green options that can be exercised when building or renovating a structure include the use of green roofing material which helps to cut down on energy costs plus you can also avail of guarantees as long as 50 years. Simple pest control without the use of chemicals would be the use of metal or plastic dividers in places where wood and concrete meet.  Recycled deck accessories that do not need painting or staining are also a good option.

Insulation of walls helps keep the heat and the cold out. It can be achieved with the help of 2×6 studs allowing a spacing of 24”.  This green building product will help you conserve energy throughout the year. The use of 2×6 studs will need less wood and labor thus cutting renovating/building costs. The insulation will maintain the house on a more comfortable level without the use of excessive energy. Look for energy star rated appliances and products that will help you conserve energy and save money too.

Green building products help you reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener tomorrow. They are beneficial not just to the environment but will also help you with better living conditions and reduced expenses.


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