Electric Heating Vs. Natural Gas: Which Is Better?


The winter is coming, so there is a problem with the heating. Many people are wondering what to choose – natural gas heating or electric heating.

Therefore, here are some facts about electric and natural gas heating. At first, the electric heating is far more comfortable than the natural gas heating and perhaps the basic advantage over the gas heating is in the fact that it’s very easy to heat small space without heating the whole house.

electric heating vs. natural gas 1Otherwise, electric heating is expensive and not quite environmental-friendly. Therefore, many people prefer natural gas heating.

It is also cheaper and affordable. Compared to oil heating, gas heating is also more comfortable to use.

At first, the natural gas doesn’t need special storage as the oil tanks and there is no unpleasant odor. Compared with the electricity, gas is 100 times more environmental- friendly.

The electricity is generated from coal or other fossil fuels. The electricity heating is only 30 percent efficient, which isn’t good, in case you want to live green.

The natural gas heating has its advantages, because it is 94 percent efficient and all this – only from natural gas furnace.

The problem with the gas heating comes from the fact that not everyone is supplied with a gas line. Most developed countries are offering gas lines to their residents and this way the heating is a lot easier.

Of course, in case you don’t have a gas line running to your house, the electric heating is more convenient and in this case cheaper, but if you have one, the right choice is gas heating.

electric heating vs. natural gas 2

There is also another option, in case you are not provided with a gas line – cooking with gas.

It saves you money and it is faster than any electric stove. So the specialists are advising you to cook on gas and go for electric heating, in case you don’t have a gas line. Recently the solar heat is also very modern, but no matter of its green advantages, it requires site suitability, location, retrofitting and of course, an installation cost.

electric heating vs. natural gas 3

The solar heating systems are preferable, for they are 100 percent efficient, but they depend on the environment and if you live in a northern climate, you can’t get enough heat from the sun.

So, the right choice remains the natural gas heating as the only option, which is sustainable, cheap and reliable. So far, any other option will be more expensive and not so green.


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