Eco Heat Pumps – The Viable Winter Solution


Winter is knocking at the door and this is a great concern for many green lovers. Heating has always been issue, especially if you are trying to choose efficient and green heating. One of the options is solar heating, but only if you are living in a warmer area. For those that are living in northern areas, this is not recommendable.

heat pumpThe very next logical step should be gas heating, which is 95 percent efficient, but it still has its disadvantages. So far the eco activists have found the best decision, when it comes to heating: heat pumps.

Those pumps are very common in U.K, Scotland and Wales, not to mention these were the first countries that have adopted the practice of heating with a heat pump.

The specialists are recommending this kind of heating, for being low carbon output and it is reducing the CO2 emissions.  In case you want to be sure your heat pump is actually green, check it for SAP.

SAP is the standard application procedure, which defines the energy efficiency of account items such as heating systems.

eco heat pumpThe SAP also rates the heating system and considers important factors like spiraling energy prices and climate change.

As an energy alternative source, the heat pump is extremely useful for heating water and buildings. The process of heating is simple and easy.

The heat pump is working with the principles of a fridge. The basic components of the heat pump are similar to those in a fridge – a condenser, an expansion valve and an evaporator. The only source that heating pumps are using is electricity to power the pumps. According to the many specialists, a heat pump delivers four times as much as thermal heat as is consumed in electrical energy needed for driving the system.

Of course, if you want 100 percent green heating, you should purchase green electricity and to research the local utility for finding certificated green electricity. The installing isn’t cheap and it costs more than installing any other heating system, but the good news is that once you install it, it will last at least 20 years.

Heat pumps have low maintenance expenses and this is one of the main reasons they are so preferable. In case you are still wondering about it, there is also another good news – the new heat pumps are equipped with modern systems that are extremely energy efficient. The result is impressive – for each kilowatt of electricity that is consumed for the heat pump, at least three kilowatts of heat go for heating the building.


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