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heat pump

Eco Heat Pumps – The Viable Winter Solution

Winter is knocking at the door and this is a great concern for many green lovers. Heating has always been issue, especially if you are trying to choose efficient and green heating. One of the options is solar heating, but only if you are living in a warmer area. For those that are living in […]

gift wrap

Wrap The Green Way For A Greener Gift

For many green lovers, Christmas and Thanksgiving are nightmares. This is so, simply because of the gifts and their harmful wraps. Many of them remain unrecyclable and this is a huge concern for the green society. Therefore, here are some ideas for green gift wrapping. One of these is the eco-shining gift wrap idea. The […]

green halloween 1

Tips For A Green Halloween

In case you are a green lover, here are few tricks how to spend Halloween in a green manner. Typically this is a holiday that requires lots of things and afterwards, it surely gets messy. You can avoid this problem by planning a green Halloween. At first, preparing your holiday doesn’t need to be harmful […]

green remodeling

Green Remodeling Is The Right Way To Renovate Smartly

“Go Green” is the mantra to follow, so why not follow it when it comes to remodeling your home. Green remodeling is a great way to improve your home and also cut down on energy costs. Green options are always more economical in the long run. Most green options will ultimately help you cut down […]

giant panda1

Cuddle The Giant Panda

Who would not look in awe and amazement at the sight of a beautiful Giant Panda! The rarity of this solitary animal found in China and the danger it faces as an endangered species, make it all the more awe-inspiring. Towering mountain peaks and thick bamboo forests and steep valleys covered by cloud and mist […]

organic lifestyle 1

Organic Means Organic Lifestyle

Organic and green are now very popular words and they are used very often by many that consider the environmental-friendly life as a must. There are thousands of reasons why to go organic, but all of them lead to one conclusion – organic is not just a way of eating, it is a way of […]

environmentally friendly cleaning products

Dare And Use Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products At Home

Most of us stock plenty of chemical based cleaning products without knowing how hazardous they are for the environment. Another thing we don’t know is that they can be easily replaced with non-toxic environmentally friendly cleaning products. The only challenge here is to give up the convenience of commercial chemicals and replacing them with home […]

electric heating vs. natural gas 1

Electric Heating Vs. Natural Gas: Which Is Better?

The winter is coming, so there is a problem with the heating. Many people are wondering what to choose – natural gas heating or electric heating. Therefore, here are some facts about electric and natural gas heating. At first, the electric heating is far more comfortable than the natural gas heating and perhaps the basic […]

green living

The Environment And Your Home Can Be Green Together

Living green is a process that envelops almost everything that is surrounding us. Recently there is a theory that claims that people should live in harmony with the environment by adding sustainable home décor into their homes. This theory isn’t only about the materials we are using for building sustainable homes; it is also about […]

Blog Action Day 2010: Clean Water!

Isn’t it a shame that we have to even discuss something as basic as this? Water is Life itself! Need we say more? [] According to a West African Proverb, “Filthy water cannot be washed”. So, what measures do we take that water does not become filthy at all. It is said that life itself […]