Zero Energy House Becomes A Trend


Turning to renewable sources of energy have become the need of the hour. Now, imagine that you have a house which is so eco-friendly that for the many coming centuries it can fulfil all your basic needs for which you will not have to depend on non renewable resources. This kind of house will surely be an asset for anyone.

zero energy houseThese smart theories have been made into reality by the Michelle Kaufmann Studio, who has called these houses the Zero Series.

Zero, in this case, is meant as zero waste. When the Studio did the Glidehouse designs, it made everybody wonder if these designs would really be energy efficient and absolutely green.

This time, the Studio has taken this concept a step forward in the form of Zero houses which are better and improved in any possible way.

Just like the Glidehouses, the Zero houses are well-designed, attractive, built using eco-friendly materials, have means to save and conserve water and generally have a healthy atmosphere around them. The print of the house, as the Studio says, is very green and clean.

According to the designer Kaufmann, the six years which have passed between the Glidehouse and the Zero Series were quite helpful in understanding what should be modified and what should be avoided.

Some of these points include that more work needs to be done not on the site but also off site. Also, the client’s needs can be easily accommodated as the designs have more flexibility and can be changed well modifying the construction.

The company has three trademarked variations within the Zero series – the Contours, the Vista and the Ridge.

Zero energy buildings (ZEBs) are not a new thing. These structures, the Zero series are ZEBs, which means that energy from renewable energy can very well run the house. There are photovoltaic panels which help in tapping the solar energy.

In addition to this, there are rainwater harvesting systems and gray water gathering systems. These homes are LEED certified and also qualify for NAHB Green Building Standard and Build It Green certificates.

The Ridge is based on the Passivhaus principles of shading, light and insulation while Contours and Vista allow a lot of natural light and ventilation to pass. The latter duo has outdoor rooms as well as indoor ones.

These eco friendly and energy efficient houses truly represent the need of the day and are available at an affordable cost of $66,500.


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