Traditional Vs. Green Reusable Sandwich Bag


Sandwich is a popular choice of food items among a vast number of people. The convenience of packing and carrying it to different places without any problem makes the food item my own favorite choice.

Sandwiches are the most popular lunch item and the way they are packed is also a popular presence in the landfills.

It is common for people to use plastic sheets and covers to pack and preserve their delicious sandwiches. Inadvertently, this practice gives rise to plastic covers usage which in longer run is not good for the environment.

sandwich bag 1

In order to curb this situation, there are lots of eco-friendly sandwich covers available in the market. These sandwich covers are made of paper, cotton and other renewable materials. Being renewable they are also BPA & Phthalate free.

When looking for a smarter option to pack my sandwiches I came by some “green” bags both cute and practical. These can surely successfully replace plastic foil wrappings making enjoying this delicious treat guilt free as far as the environment is concerned.

I really like the size of the bag very much. It’s petite yet perfectly rooms snacks and sandwiches. The bags are available in different sizes and capacities. Cleaning of these bags does not require special care except in case of Velcro. You can simply clean them up by putting them in a washing machine.

sandwich bag 2In the case of Velcro, it is better to wash them with kitchen towels or simply wash them manually to save electricity.

The water resistant nature of this eco-friendly bag is adorable. You can be carefree about any leakage and need not spend your picnic time in cleaning up the stuff.

Only recently I found that these sandwich bags are made in United States using a process handled with great care.

Apart from this, you can flaunt it as a perfect piece of bag as it comes in different color shades, patterns, and prints for the colors ranging from darker shades to light shades. I also adore its diversity as it can have different kind of food stuffs in it like chips and bagels.

I find this bag extremely user-friendly. Kids can neatly pack their own food in this bag without any trouble or difficulty. A traditional bag which largely constitutes of plastic bags is not safe and is not that easy to clean. They are also not leak-proof like these contemporary bags.

One of the greatest setbacks to the usage of these eco-friendly sandwich bags, which I see, is the wrong impression people have that these are not user-friendly and come as a one time use and then throw away bag.

sandwich bag 3

This is not true. These bags can be used for a longer period of time without any difficulty.

Another supportive factor I see about using these cotton-made sandwich bags is that it would help you in saving a lot of money because reports and researches have shown that each year people spend a lot of money on single use disposable packages.

You would say that this sandwich bag won’t stop the tree cutting or the water pollution. Still remember that winning the marathon takes putting up one foot in front of the other so saving the environment is surely based on the small steps we take every day.


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