Solar Planter – A Wonder Using Water From The Air To Grow Plants


Solar planter is an innovative invention by the renowned designer Kevin Cheng, which anyone who has installed at home can be proud of.

While most of us know that solar energy can be used in many ways, for instance in heaters, electric panels, cookers and even vehicles, we hardly spend the time, effort or money to get it installed inside home. It takes a lot of prodding and probably a significant change of behaviour for us to start making a change.

solar planterHowever, switching to solar power should never be shot down because soon, there will be a time when non-renewable resources will be too expensive and a lot less available to get.

The lack of resources will ultimately change our life and our level of comfort so it is smart to change before this happens.

In keeping with this idea of using the sun’s energy for creative innovations, Cheng has developed a solar planter.

A solar planter is installed near windows and thus can also be safely called a window box.

It contains a portion where you can plant the plants you want and beneath it there is a layer, complete with fittings and settings to make it a self sufficient plant pot.

In the solar planter, the light energy from the sun and also light from other sources such as bulbs in the house is used to operate a system which helps to gather water from the air and condense it to water the plants. A fan in the exit vent acts as a suction pump to gather moisture from the air by sucking in the air.

The solar planter can also record the water and light input to determine the optimal growth conditions of the plant. The device works on light energy which has a Peltier module that can be actually be called a thermoelectric pump.

Two sinks are present in the solar planter, of which one is hot and the other is cold. The first absorbs the heat from the environment and passes it on to the second, which then condenses the heat and create the necessary humidity for the plants.

The solar planter is an attractive device and with a creative mindset, it can be made to add beauty in the decor of your home. The plants will remain fresh throughout the day and will be given the right amount of light and water to help their proper growth.
In every way, Cheng’s product is innovative, smart and also green.


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