Nature Synchronized Living Spaces For A Greener Life


Living sustainable and green isn’t just a personal issue; it is also about architecture, buildings and founding an entirely new model of green living spaces.

There are many projects that amaze with their green ideas. The good news is that most of biggest cities are releasing green projects for sustainable buildings, green architecture plans etc.

The surprise came from Egypt, where there is already a formula for green life in an adapted and sustainable building. The project is called the “Space-Scraper”.

nature synchronized living spaces 1

Its design is already praised as revolution, for being absolutely sustainable. The Egypt’s greenest building will be made as three twisting towers, interconnected with floors, which are said to be using a geo-sphere. The Space-Scraper will be located in Cairo and its green items are really surprising.

For instance, the Cairo based super green project will be equipped with water recollection system, wind turbines and solar panels. The designer of the ambitious project is Mohamed Abdel-Aziz.

His idea is simple – the first tower will be used only for offices; the second will be a five star hotel, while the third will be used for residences. There is going to be also a seven floors podium, which will be used as commercial area – shops, malls, restaurants, cinemas and even a hospital.

Basically the scraper will house a small community as the needed energy will be provided by the wind and water turbines. The Space- Scraper’s geo-sphere will house the swimming pools, spas and fitness centers.

nature synchronized living spaces 2

In case you don’t find this project green enough, here is another one that can set an example. Zero Plus Architects is the company that is going to provide the society with sustainable structure that harvest renewable solar, hydro and thermal energy.

Actually their project can be called a dream project, for it provides anything you need for living green in a sustainable building.

The project is called the Backcountry Access Prototype and it is used as a building, as well as recreational outdoor place. The good news for the green lovers is that this project is made to provide modular self-sustaining structure. This means you can change the design of the building. The architects made these possible thanks to polyester-stuffed pneumatic truss, operable screens and covers and polycarbonate shells that are adjusting to different variations.

There are also photovoltaic panels that will generate renewable energy. The electricity of the building will be provided by water and wind turbines.


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