LCD Or Plasma – Which Is Greener?


The choice between LCD and plasma isn’t a typical choice. At least, not in 21 century, when the competition, which is greener is part of our lives.

Most of the people are wondering which is greener, the LCD or the plasma. Here are few facts to consider, which may help you, in case you really care for the environment.

According to the specialists, none of the flat-screen TVs is actually green and earth-friendly. It is not in its energy consumption, it is just in the way it is produced.

lcd or plasma 1

Unfortunately, there is no other way and flat-screen TV will be produced in a harmful way for the environment until there is a new technology. So far, there isn’t such a technology, therefore take a look at the processes behind the manufacturing of LCD and Plasma in order to decide.

The LCD TV is praised for its technology, which allows less energy consumption, but despite this technology, an LCD TV still contains hazardous materials such as fluorescent bulb, plastic shells, brominated flame retardants and wiring.

All these are bad for the environment. For instance, the flame retardants are easily attached to dust. When this happens, it can cause several diseases, including the fact they can interfere with the human hormones.

Wiring on the other hand is also an issue to consider. It has toxic metals that are strongly hazardous.

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These are antimony, beryllium, chromium and others like them. Of course, LCD TV is preferable, for its life span is nearly 60, 000 hours and the energy use is far more acceptable than the other TVs.

As for the Plasma TVs, there are also lots of problems, related to the environment. First is the fact that by generating high resolution images, the TV generates heat and it hides the risk for screen burn.

Just like the LCDs, Plasmas are also made out of some hazardous materials such as brominated flame retardants and some heavy metals. The life span of the Plasma TV is the same as the LCD life span.

Basically these two have no differences, when it comes to the environment. They are both bad and can cause issues regarding human health. Nowadays the Plasmas are made to be recyclable and this is an official requirement.

Alas, most of these electronics end up in Africa, China or India, where they are “recycled”. However, there are millions of people exposed to the lead and the hazardous substances in the TVs.

So far, even recycling doesn’t work and none of the Plasma TVs or LCD TVs can be labeled as “green”.


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