Fighting The Flood With Floatable Green Living Spaces


The floods in Pakistan have caused dramatic consequences. Thousands of people suffered the disaster as their houses were flooded and destroyed.

Therefore, many architects and designers are now trying to help the citizens with unusual ideas for green building that is going to be resistant even in case of an eventual flood.

flood resistant homes 1

The Architecture for humanity is the first organization that suggested an interesting housing that can be a good decision for people living in areas with potential risk of flooding.

Therefore one of the best green designers in the world shared their ideas for creating green and flood resistant homes.

Andrew Maynard is one of those designers; moreover he is a winner of the Best of Green Young Architect Award. His project is called Poop House and represents a floating home, made out of entirely green and recyclable materials.

flood resistant homes 2

Alas, it is true that the greenest buildings on the world aren’t exactly buildings; therefore Poop House has an unusual structure. It represents an inner and outer layer of polyethylene forms.

The idea behind this project is simple – a home that can be used for floating. The architect has used only sustainable materials to build this home.

The good news is that the floating home is equipped with water turbines, which will generate the house with electricity.

flood resistant homes 3

The Poop House is also very affordable, but it is of course just a variant that can replace your home in times of crisis situation such as floods.

There is another project that really amazes. It is eccentric and green, therefore it is not sure that it will ever work, but so far this seems like the only alternative, especially for the victims of floods.

flood resistant homes 4

The project is called the Airdrop house and it is made out of materials that no one has used before.

The Airdrop house is entirely created of dried-sponge-like materials and it looks like a floating sphere. The unusual home is actually extremely safe, when it comes to floods, for it soaks up water just like a sponge.

The good news is it expands and increases in volume.

The designers behind the Architecture of Humanity organization have equipped the floating sphere with seeds, which will form some green roof over the house.

flood resistant homes 5

The German variant of floating housing is called Schwimmhaus and it is designed by the German architect studio Confused-Direction.

Their project is compact and green. The floating house is built only with reclaimed wood and other reused materials. The home provides enough space and it is equipped with water and wind turbines to generate electricity.


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