Environmental Extremism And Why Do They Think It’s Good


In the 21st century, the green topic has turned to an extremely important one and leading green life style is now a need, not just a wish. Still, there are things that go beyond borders, when it comes to green life and one of those things is the so called environmental extremist groups.

The organization Voluntary Human Extinction Movement isn’t an organization to admire. It is actually an organization that was founded by Les U. Knight, which has an interesting concept. According to him, the Earth will be saved only if humans stop breeding.

environmental extremism 1

This strange concept is also claiming that the environment can be saved only if there are volunteers that will cease to breed, in order to provide Earth’s healing.

If you think this is too extremist, it is nothing compared to organization like Earth First.

The Earth First organization is far away radical and its beliefs are almost like religion. The members of this group are forced to think that anything done in the name of the Earth is allowed.

Their main goal is to protect the Mother Earth with anything they can. The idea for creating such an extremist group came from a movement called biocentrism. According to it, every life of every species is equal, therefore equally valuable. Killing an insect can be as dramatic as killing a human.

environmental extremism 2

The Earth First was created back in 1980 by radical environmentalists. In the beginning of 1990, the group was involved in attempted bombing in UK. There were allegations, which consider that exactly this organization is behind several incidents with car bombs on the territory of UK.

After the allegations, the Earth First is said to be associated with non-violent activities.

Many experts are now researching another serious issue, related to the global green topic. This is the so called environmental terrorism and it is related to organizations that praise violence in order to solve the problems of the earth.

Such an organization is the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). ALF is an organization that doesn’t hesitate to manifest violence, when it comes to “saving the animals from the zoos”. ALF is an international organization that tries to release the animals kept in the zoos or aquariums.

According to the principle of this organization, even if you have a pet, this means you are keeping the animal against its will. The organization is linked with another dangerous group, the so called Revolutionary Cells – Animal Liberation Brigade that is behind two successful bombings.

They went without victims, but the organization is now considered as a terroristic and extremely dangerous.


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