UV Water Filters – Water Purification Made Greener


In 21st century, purifying the water is an issue just as important as any other part of the so called green life style. Pure Water Bottle Filters are finally an adequate decision to the problem with the polluted water sources. The idea came from Timothy Whitehead. The inventor traveled through Africa, where the water is polluted, so he needed to purify the water.

uv water filters

The typical methods for purifying the water were so far slow- the tablets that contain chlorine and iodine need at least 30 min to clean and purify the water, while Whitehead needed something faster. His filters are capable to purify any water during nearly 2 minutes, moreover even soiled water.

The invention was awarded and certificated, so now you can simply buy the Pure Water Bottle and its filters. They guarantee that any bacteria will be removed and the water will be cleaned of 99 percent of its impurities. The technology behind this revolutionary invention is simple, but only Timothy has used it so far. For creating his filters, the inventor went for a specific combination as he used 4-micron-sized water filter and ultra-violet light system.

He inserted the filters into a regular bottle and added an inner chamber. The bottle needs only 2 minutes to purify water and it is perfect for traveling as it comes in a compact shape.


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