Seat Vs Lamborghini –Which Dreams A Greener Concept?


There are two names in the world of green auto concepts, which will probably make a revolution. Those names belong to Raphael Morais and Denis Archambault.

Raphael is the official designer of the Seat Flexus, already a pretender for the greenest car of the future, while Denis Archambault is the designer behind Lamborghini’s car of future- The Lamborghini Rompighiaccio.

green auot concepts 1

Those two cars will be in a competition to prove which of them is really the greenest car world will ever know.

Seat Flexus is so far the car, which is offering something entirely new: zero-emission vehicle, which is powered by an electric engine.

This is a revolution, because no one yet had the success to create even a concept of such a car. Moreover, Seat will not use the conventional air-filled tires. Their car will be upgraded with next-gen Tweels.

green auot concepts 2

Meanwhile Lamborghini Rompighiaccio has also a super stunning concept. Denis Archambault will create the car with zero-emission drive and a performance that is same as the gas-powered competitors.

This means the result will be a super comfortable eco car. So far Seat and Lamborghini are fighting to create the best eco car with lavish design.

Seat offers ultra modern and compact design, while Lamborghini relies on lavish and stylish car interior.

Who will be the winner of this green competition is yet unknown, but the idea behind is surely an idea to praise.


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