Renewable Housing – The Recipe For Greener Cities


Most of the affordable housing projects are developed with minimum consideration for environment. These housing apartments put maximum adverse effect towards environment.

After considering such bad impacts of the affordable housing apartments towards environment, Ironhorse, which is at Central Station, is coming up with eco friendly structures for the housing apartments.

renewable housing 1

Ironhorse is a well planned and developed project in Oakland California. This housing project is developed on the land which was earlier used for industrial purposes but is not suitable for productive or industrial use in present time.

This project is planned for 99 apartments which will include one, two and three bedrooms and which is expected to be completed by later this year.

The price range for various apartments will go from $18,000 to $50,000 depending upon the size and features of the apartment.

This project is designed by the famous architectural organization David Baker+ Partners.

The best features which are not only beneficial for the residents of this housing society but also for the environment are – green roofs, passive swales to store rain water, good drip irrigation system, electricity supply for common areas through solar panels, solar panels for hot water and carpets from CRI Green Label Plus.

renewable housing 2

Along these facilities, other steps have been also taken towards the sake of environment. Recycled stuff has been used for molding furniture, seat walls and benches so that it may become totally eco friendly structure with equally good surroundings and accessories.

Ironhorse housing project would convert around 29 acres of dumped industrial land into an eco friendly housing society. This project would conclude with around 1,200 eco friendly apartments which will have facilities with similar theme.

Another eco friendly housing society is under development at Aalborg Waterfront in Denmark. This project is designed by well known C.F. Møller Architects in partnership with Moe & Brødsgaard, Schüco, Vogt landscape, Phillips and Erik Juul.

This sustainable housing society will get the power through wind and solar energy so that the optimum benefit of natural resources may be taken. This project will have 60 housing units which will be well equipped with solar panels.

The roof of the apartments will be used as energy power plants which would supply hot water and electricity to the buildings.

This housing project will have a group of 1200 square meters of solar panel which would have the capacity of producing 104,000 KWh of electricity. This would annually supply 1740 KWh electricity to every individual apartment.

Such housing projects are definitely a boon which not only take care of environment and mankind but also take the maximum benefits from the nature.


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