Kenya And Denmark – Different But Daring Green Energy Projects


In case you are wondering what Denmark and Kenya have in common, you don’t need to think much. It is the green projects that are similar for these, otherwise two different countries.

Denmark is perhaps the first European country that provides green energy since long time ago.

The Danish Government has made many efforts to change the old electricity system and to be able to provide clean and sustainable energy. The latest project of the country is again about wind.

green energy projects 1

Denmark is eminent for its onshore and offshore wind farms. So far the country provides 20 percent of the country power generation only from those farms, but the needs of the consumers grow bigger and bigger, simply because people there want to use only clean energy.

Therefore one designer suggested one bold project – the Green Powered Island. Gottlieb Paludan’s project is an unusual system that represents energy storage.

The Green Powered Island will produce energy not only from the wind, but also using sea water. The concept of the designer isn’t new, but so far no one could combine hydro and wind system in one. Gottlieb did it as the water will comes from the sea.

green energy projects 2

The system isn’t that difficult. The seawater will be pumped into a lagoon, which will be used like a reservoir, which will be inserted into an artificial island.

The generating of the energy will start at the peak periods with the help of special turbines. As a result, the island will be an eternal source of renewable energy.

Meanwhile in Kenya there is another project that also can be considered as a revolutionary one. Surpassingly the project there will be developed sooner than this one in Denmark.

The project belongs to the designer Austin-Smith as he will probably turn Nairobi into the greenest town in the world. His project is about the railroads and the metro in the city, but it will re-green the city, because it will open and clean the arteries of Nairobi.

According to his project, the town, which has no metro or any official roads, will have roads, rivers and even water ways. The infrastructure, which the designer invented is actually the greenest infrastructure ever made.

It will allow the citizen of Nairobi to use clean water, which will be filtered and meanwhile, part of the energy of the town will be generated by a hydro-energy farm. The project is part of the Kenyan contest for re-building Nairobi and creating green railroads and metro.


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