Green Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs


Perhaps you never thought that in your bed there is another presence, which doesn’t include your husband or wife. This presence is rarely avoidable and most of the people don’t have even an idea what this could be real.

They are called bedbugs. No matter how clean are your mattresses, no matter of the hygiene – there is a bedbug in your bed and this is a reality, if you don’t take the right steps about it.

Surprisingly even the richest people on earth are having those bugs, simply because these bedbugs like cozy and warm bedrooms.

bed bugs 1

According to the specialists, the global re-infestation of bed bugs is due to the global shipping and transport.

Many consider them as not such a danger, but actually they are, especially for the people that are trying to live green.

The infestations of those bugs can cause serious disease, especially in children. Flu and anemia are also in the list of the potential diseases you can catch by the bedbugs, not to mention stress and insomnia.

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The typical bedbug is the so called C. lectularius and the bad news is it feeds on humans, as well as on mice, rats, rabbits and birds, including chickens. Dogs and cats also can be hosts of the bugs, but that is very rare.

Another surprising fact is that these bugs love hotels, motels and all kind of guest houses, so if you are visiting such places, don’t store your luggage or anything on the floor. As for the feeding, bedbugs usually bite us on the exposed areas.

While we sleep, they bite us on the face, arms, neck and hands. They feed from 5 to 10 minutes at night and crawl back to their sheltered crevice to digesting the meal. After some days, this will happen again.

Bed bugs can be found in the seams of the tuffs of the mattresses.

Check the whole area near the bed, including bed frame, pictures, windows and even wallpapers and door casings.

It is very important to destroy their eggs. This can happen through a chemical cleaning, for they are special services that can get rid of the bedbugs, but this isn’t the greenest way we know, for the chemicals contain some toxins, which are bad for the environment.

Same goes for the pesticides, which destroy the bed bugs, but cause pollution. Therefore, try vacuuming of the bed and the area. Clean bed linens are also a green way to get rid of them. Hot dry them (140 F) for 20 minutes and the bug eggs will be removed.

Move your bed away from walls and make sure your linens don’t touch the floor – this is also a green way to not have bed bugs.


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