Why To Use Organic Soap And Shampoo?


In the recent years the tendency of using organic soaps and shampoos is getting bigger with each passing day. This tendency can be explained with two major reasons.

The first one is the care for the environment. By using organic and toxin free cosmetic products you are reducing the gas emissions and actually helping the nature to cut down the pollution.

organic soaps 1

The second major reason is of course the green effect of the natural, handmade soaps and shampoos.

First of all they are entirely toxic free. This guarantees better quality and healthy touch. According to many resources, the organic cosmetic lines are turning to an industry that grows bigger as much as the competition between the organic producers rises.[Organic Cosmetics]

organic soaps 2

One of those producers is Melissa Hutchinson. She is the woman that stays behind the green cosmetic brand The Joy of Soap. This is a company that is offering green soaps as each bar is handmade and offers better quality.

The secret behind this quality is simple – the organic soaps are made without any chemicals inside. The ingredients are natural and pure, therefore their effect is stronger.

Typically an organic soap includes olive oil, organic coconut and palm oil, different flower petals and essential oils that give the fragrance of the soap or of the shampoo.

Organic products are richly scented due to their pure essences. There are even baby organic soaps and shampoos that offer extra gentle touch. So far, they are proven as the greenest way to care for your hair and skin.


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