The Way Towards A Green Beach


The summer is already here and in case you are heading to the beach, there are several things you can do to turn your vacation into a green adventure. Going green even at the beach is an issue for many, since the beaches nowadays aren’t exactly as clean as they were a decade ago.

Therefore, try to enjoy it the green way and keep some rules, in case you want to join the cause for cleaner beaches. Rule number one is to pick up after yourself and others. Leaving trash is an issue, so try to pick up anything and don’t leave any trace of your presence.

Bottles of water left behind are a normal view for many, but the ecologists are advising to hydrate yourself with reusable bottles of water.

green beach

In case you don’t want to have additional expenses, just bring your water from home and use the same bottle you used at home. Stainless-steel bottles keep the water cold, therefore they are the best decision.

Another advice for those of you, who want to make their beach adventure green, is to cut the smoking at the beach. According to the statistics, nearly 2.2 million pieces of cigarettes debris are found in the coastal shores after the end of the summer.

The bad news is that not all of them are collected, so there is a percentage that remains in the sand. In case you are a heavy smoker, just collect your cigarettes debris and throw them to the proper collecting spots, when you are back at home.


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