Solar Roads For The Ideal Fuel Free Driving


We have seen many ecological ideas that are facing failure, because they are not practical. We have seen projects for millions of dollars that are failed, simply because they are not going to help us to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. Despite that many ideas are fading away, there is still hope for those of you, who want to live totally green.

The road from completing an idea to its real functioning is long and let’s face it: it depends on the investments in it. The U.S. Department of Transportation is one of the institutions that help for turning an idea into a reality.

solar roads 1

The Department has a new goal- to invest into an idea that surely sounds odd enough, but if you think twice, you can find it extremely practical for the environment.

The idea comes from Scott Brusaw, the founder of Solar Roadways. The idea is about to create new smart roads that are going to generate energy, which will power villages, cities and eventually the whole country.

The technology behind the project of Solar Roadways sounds simple and it is easy to be done. Solar Roadways will work through solar panels, made of specific cells and glass, which will be generating energy from the sun. If the project is successful, it will totally replace the asphalt on some roads.

solar roads 2

Replacing the asphalt, which is made of petroleum, will be a huge step for the environment and moreover, the project will be 10 times more useful for it will create enough energy to power even the electricity needs of the cities.

Scott Brusaw’s road panels aren’t just simple solar panels. They are going to be made with automatic options, which will ease the driving on the road. For instance, the solar panel roads will be upgraded with travel lines and special options for timely warnings. This will inform the drivers about roadblocks, wildlife and the specifics of the road up ahead.

solar roads 3

Meanwhile the founder of Solar Roadways has invented something incredible to insert in his solar road panels. Many are concerned what will happen with this roads in the winter, but Scott will insert heating elements in each panel.

This will block the snow and the ice off the road. The project of the company was awarded with $100,000 U.S., a figure that came from the Department of Transportation.

Scott Brusaw is going to create a prototype of his idea and the funds are only for the startup. If his idea is successful, our roads will be able to generate the whole energy we need.


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