Mississippi Under The Siege Of Oil Spill


For the first time since the oil spill, major patches of it have reached the coast of the U.S. state of Mississippi. The information was confirmed by the local authorities.

The oil spill has affected two tourist beaches in Ocean Springs and most of the fishing area, which is a problem for the local business and for the food sustainability in Mississippi. Before hitting Mississippi, the most heavily affected by the oil spills was Louisiana.

oil spil

The marine coasts of the State of Alabama and Florida were also seriously affected by the oil spill. Since months, British Petroleum (BP), the company that is responsible for the oil incident, is trying to solve the problem and mostly to find a way to fight the consequences of oil spill.

BP met with several banks seeking a loan of $7 billion. Specific names of the banks were not cited, but it became clear that among them will be also some American banks and financial institutions.

The company and the President Barack Obama have agreed to create a fund of $ 20 billion, which covers parts of the ecological damages caused by the disaster. So far, this is not enough. Another $7 billion will be also provided to the fund, in order to clean the nature of the massive oil spill.


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