Micro Home – A Trend For A Lesser Carbon Footprint


It is nearly impossible to go through a whole day and not see a house. I mean let’s face it, if you are reading this online, then chances are good that you wake up in a house every day.

How large is your space though? There is a growing number of people who are becoming interested in living small as opposed to the ‘living large’ of the recent past.

micro home 1

By living small, we are talking about houses that are 600 square feet or less. If you haven’t thought or heard about this before, it may sound a bit strange or even impossible. This small living actually has quite a few benefits.

By living in such a small space, you tend to (by necessity) get rid of everything that is not essential to make use of all available space. In getting rid of the nonessentials, you are also getting rid of things that waste your time by taking up your attention.

This will leave you more time to spend with what you really love like your friends and family, community projects, etc. Also, by having less of everything, you are automatically consuming fewer resources and effectively reducing your carbon footprint.

micro home 2

Do not be daunted by the thought of living small like this. There are many small houses that are actually quite stylish as well as affordable. A lot of these are prefab and can cost as little as $125 for each square foot.

These houses actually come with small furniture and appliances that were specially made to fit the size of the space they will occupy.

A lot of these houses also use no toxic adhesives, vinyl, finishes or formaldehyde to keep with the green theme. They also use natural ventilation, plant oil or water based finishes and has the appropriate FSC certification.

micro home 3

There is also a small rover that has been developed. While this has not been put into mass production yet, it is just eccentric enough to have that distinct possibility. This is a small vehicle that is entirely green…literally. It is covered in foliage to make it resemble a shrub.

This solar electric powered vehicle has no windshield and is instead making use of a small video camera for visual acuity so that you can steer it. It can be used as a hunting cabin, homeless shelter, vehicle, etc.

The possibilities abound with this completely green piece of equipment that can be part of your living “small” strategy.


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