Green iPhone Apps For Green Shopping


It is a common belief that shopping encourages adverse environmental effects. Undoubtedly, this is a fact but there are some solutions or ideas which could be followed to make your shopping “green”.

There are few simple things which could be followed to reduce the factors which can put environment at risk. Some of the tips which should be followed are:

Manage shopping trips

There are so many people who visit grocery stores, shopping malls and other outlets to make daily purchases. Most of the times these customers visit these places all alone.

There is a better idea of choosing car pool system which would not only give you a company while shopping but will also save a lot in money and fuel. You can use car pool services for traveling to shopping centres. If you cannot find other people for shopping trips on your own, then you can seek help from web-based services or iPhone apps which would help you in this search.

carticipate iphone appSome websites like,,, and are very helpful in searching visitors of same malls or shopping spots.

Carticipate and Avego are the best iPhone apps which can help you in getting a ride to your shopping destination.

Choose smart shopping

You can contribute in making the environment healthy by taking a few smart steps. This would not cost you anything but would certainly help in getting a better future. You can use Good Google iPhone app for searching sustainable products.

You can also get the information through message alerts. You can scan the barcodes of the products with your smart phone and get all the detailed information about it. This detailed information would include features like environmental, social responsibility and health elements. This way you can easily find those products which are healthy for you and the environment.

Presently, the GoodGuide has data of 65,000 products and lots of products are adding up every month. So, download the application to find the best and safest food, toys, household and personal products.

Paper-less coupons

Discount coupons are those assets which are loved by every shopper. But these coupons are the biggest reason behind deforestation and high use of chemicals. There is a better option of enjoying discounts by obtaining paperless or mobile coupons.

Coupon Sherpa is one name which has initiated on this feature and is providing various types of online or mobile coupons for shoes, apparels, jewellery, sport accessories and other products.

These coupons can be downloaded from Coupon Sherpa’s iPhone app which displays a barcode on the user’s phone so that the cashier may not need paper coupons for scanning. Coupon Sherpa also allows various schemes and discounts on these coupons.


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