DeepWater Horizon Spill: The Disaster is Still In Progress (Infographic)

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When measuring the impact of the Exxon oil spill over the US coast, the result is not influencing only the surface of the water and the deep water impact is far greater than we could imagine. Here is an Info graphic by “Boat Insurance“.

When the scientists said that the ecological disaster will influence greatly on the entire ecosystem including wildlife and human life, they were not kidding since apart from polluting the environment, the spill spread underwater killing wildlife and causing damage to human health.

Yes, lives were lost, both human and animal, and if you think that this disaster is somehow contained, learn that that is virtually impossible to be achieved due to weather condition and water currents.

Still, you should know that the consequences of the spill and of the deep water spreading of the crude oil is certainly not something that would pass away very soon.

deepwater horizon spill

Source: Boat Insurance

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  1. Jack Lucky says:

    BP is (obviously) a British company. But something tells me that American tax payers are going to have to pay to clean this and impact.

  2. Oil Expert says:

    When I need accurate information on the oil spill, I always go to “”. Great job you guys, good hard editorial work on this piece. Definitely accurate, definitely way more helpful than an article full of facts. Show these facts to me. Show them to me. I need to see them.

    You have shown them to me, and my need is sated.

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