Carbon Offsets And Whether They Are Good Or Bad?


carbon offsetsNowadays the carbon offset schemes are considered as the best way to reduce your carbon footprint. This is a common opinion and many are investing millions of dollars in those schemes.

Whether this is really causing more good than bad is yet an open question.

The recent studies show that the carbon schemes are using expensive techniques that actually can cause more damage than actually reducing the gas emissions. There are schemes that aren’t done with clear techniques and no one really can explain if these schemes are working without causing problems for the environment.

For instance, the so called transfer offset schemes such as solar panels are still luxury for many people. Despite their prices, there are also other issues that bother the scientists.

The only helpful and useful carbon scheme needs to have a clear purpose: to remove the carbon dioxide from the air and to store it.

Many are suggesting planting pine trees to aid the process but this isn’t actually the right way. The pine trees sequester the carbon dioxide, but this is actually dangerous for the soil.

The carbon dioxide that is preserved in the soil can be released easily. In order to avoid this, the scientists are advising anyone, who would try any of these schemes to consult ecologists or scientists first.


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