Algae Bio Fuel And The Green Steps Towards It


Algae biofuels are now the latest green topic and since years we are observing many experiments about them.

It is true, if the technology for producing algae biofuels faces its final development, soon we are going to be able to use the algae as a basic fuel.

Alas, the facts are showing that we are not going to use the algae based fuels soon enough.

algae biofuels

It will take at least several years, until the scientist’s research how to use the technology. The latest developments in this area at least gave us hope that the process is close to its final test, before releasing the fuel as a product at the market.

The European aerospace agency EADS will be perhaps one of the few companies that is going to surprise us with a new plane, which will be able to fly with algae based fuel.

Their project is now facing tests, but it sure it is the one that is super close to the goal- launching the first aircraft that runs on an algae biofuel. The good news is that an early made test has showed some great results as 5 to 10 percent fuel savings without any loss of performance. EADS will be doing the same tests with Airbus and Boeing.


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