A Daring Vision Can Make Our World A Green State Of Art


Mitchell Joachim, a 39 year old architect who has various degrees from universities like Columbia, Harvard and MIT, has a clear vision of creating sustainable products from the existing technologies only.

Some of his designs include houses developed from living trees, machines such as ‘WALL-E’ which can help in constructing bridges and buildings from reprocessed material, jetpacks and low-height airships having hanging chairs so that many be used as ski-lift for the pedestrians in New York.

Joachim, a professor of architecture at the New York University, is also a co-founder of a no profitable design group – Terreform ONE which is working towards making a sustainable urban plan.

fab tree hab One of the projects includes designing and development of recycling machines which can crush and compress the waste materials to form new structures which can be used for various purposes.

The recycling system which he has named Rapid Re(f)use, reshapes the crushed material into useful products. Joachim states that if architects can design roads and building, then they can also design cars, and other various products to make a more sustainable, healthier and better world.

An annual meeting named Terrefarm is called by Terreform ONE in which scientists and architects come together to share the techniques, technologies and ideas for making Earth a better planet. For a new project Terreform ONE has transformed the terrace area of a building from Brooklyn into their new laboratory for various experiments.

This goal of this new project is to determine the ways of preparing very lightweight soil mixtures and to maximize the existing sunlight so that rooftop gardens may be developed.

They would also work on Joachim’s new project line which he has named Fab Tree Hab. Through this project, he wants to develop houses from living trees by fixing or attaching the growing trees with each other. Other plans of Joachim include smart cars which would work like trolley cars. These cars would travel on cables and could cross large gaps and rivers without bridges.

Joachim is also designing jetpacks which would be flexible and soft and can make individuals fly. He has a vision of making this facility accessible in another 20 years.

The dean of architecture from the University of Toronto, Richard Sommer, appreciates Joachim’s vision of making a green and healthier life. According to Joachim, in another 150 years, the cities would be flooded with such things which can make the survival difficult, so the work for making a sustainable life should be started as soon as possible.


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