10 Unique and Most Eco-Friendly Swimsuit Designs For Hot Summer


–From fish skin to plastic bottles – the crazy and amazing world of eco-friendly swimwear fashion!

Heading to the beach in style is a goal we all have; choosing a way to be stylish without harming the planet is even better! We’ve got all of the most eco-friendly swimsuits on the market for you to try – from solar-powered to recycled fish skin, there’s bound to be something to strike your fancy!

1. Eco-Panda

Eco-friendly swimwear is all the rage, with dozens of beautiful, body-flattering and fun designs from which to choose. Great options are made from fabrics like organic cotton, bamboo, soy, and recycled or remnant fabrics.


Eco-Panda swimwear claims to be the first to use recycled plastic to make their swimwear. They’re made from recycled nylon fibers (from used fishing nets!) and apparently lasts 3 times longer than regular swimwear, too.

2. Solar-Powered Bikini

Ever wanted a little power for your iPod while sitting on the beach? Check out this Solar Bikini designed by Andrew Schneider. It’s part of the iDrink solar swimwear line and makes listening to music while sunning yourself in a beach.

solar-powered bikini

3. Angie & Penny

From high-powered to super recycled, this bikini designed by Angie & Penny is made from the skin of the Tilapia fish.


It’s waterproof and can be dyed in an array of color, and since it’s from fish that are already being consumed for food, it’s highly sustainable. Crazy? Maybe, but a lot of fun and a great alternative to leather.

4. Jungle Gurl

Jungle Gurl swimwear, set to launch another new line-up this spring, makes their sexy swimwear from vintage fabrics – each suit is one-of-a-kind. There are seven different categories.

jungle gurl

5. Anna Cohen

These little swimwear gems are made with Olympic proportions! Well, not really, they’re created using surplus polyester fabrics leftover from the making of Olympic speed skating uniforms and they’re made in Portland. Feel like an athletic star!

anna cohen

6. SeedleSs

Just in case you were worried that there’s nothing good in men’s eco-friendly swimwear, take a look at seedleSs clothing’s shOrts HEINY TRUNKS. Like all of the clothing made by this brand, these are created using eco-friendly hemp and come in a variety of colorful, fun prints.


7. Kelly B

Get a green leg up on your beach attire with this swimsuit made from organic cotton and bamboo as well as a little bit of spandex. The fun tie dyed pattern and comfortable fit (bamboo is incredibly soft to the touch) make it a wonderful addition to any sun bathing wardrobe.

kelly b

8. Faeries Dance

If you prefer a one piece swimsuit, then this one may be for you, and it’s made of recycled plastic bottles! Instead of making it from petroleum-based polyester, this is made from recycled materials, making it beautiful and eco-friendly. This company carries a whole variety of swimwear in a variety of styles and from a variety of designers.

faeries dance

9. Tizi Cut Out Swimsuit

Here’s another sustainable swimsuit with a fun flare for design. It’s made from bamboo viscose fabric, organic cotton, and spandex, and is designed with small side cut outs to add interest and whimsy to the design. This one piece suit is available in sunny yellow and is latex free, too.

tizi cut out swimsuit

10. Becca Swim

Get dressed up to go to the beach with Becca Swim’s luxurious line of swimwear. This company makes their swimsuits from soy fabric that’s created from a by-product of the tofu industry.

becca swim

It’s the vegetable cashmere of the fashion world and incredibly breathable and silky to wear. She also creates bamboo cover-ups and sportswear to finish your beach look.


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