Whales Can Be Saved With Engineered Noise


Preserving the whales and helping them survive as species is an issue that many ecologists are trying to solve. Recently a team of researchers, scientists and professionals have found the way to keep gray whales safe in their migration period.

Each year nearly 18,000 gray whales are heading south to Mexico in the winter and then they turn back to the Pacific Northwest in the spring.

During their migration period many whales are in danger. These 40 tons creatures are now under a special test. The team found out that a special acoustic device can protect them and keep them from energy devices.

The devices will be placed at the bottom of the ocean and their specific noises will actually protect the whales. The noisemakers will alarm the whales and basically will turn their headlights on.

The Oregon State’s Marine Mammal Institute will start testing the noisemakers in the late December, when the gray whales migration is expected.

According to the specials, these devices can actually preserve the whales as a species and are totally harmless for the other marine habitants. The noises from the devices will guide the gray whales, which remain an endangered species for now.


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