The Rivers Of Asia Messed Up By Global Warming


Two of the biggest Asia’s rivers are in danger, according to a recent study. The reason is simple. The scientists stated that the global warming caused serious effect on the rivers. Brahmaputra and Indus are descending from Himalayas.

The interesting theory in the research is that they are in danger, while other rivers nearby will not feel the negative effect of the global warming.

The sad news is that one-fifth of the population is depending on the water that comes from Brahmaputra, Indus, Ganges and others.

The research is also warning that one of the global warming effects can be drying up one of these rivers.

This is possible due to a higher evaporation of the water. The melting of the snow is also an issue, for it is now melting faster and that causes faster and heavier water flow downstream.

The flood disaster is a major problem and for now the scientists are trying to find the right reasons behind it. Surely one of them is the global warming.


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