The Recycle Reward In British Style


The U.K recently revealed a brand new recycling reward scheme, which is smart invented and aims for more effective reducing and increasing the recycling rates. Several organizations behind the scheme already started to work on it and the scheme is called “reward scheme”.

The scheme is working in Windsor and Maidenhead and it will actually provide points to the households according to the amount of waste they recycle. If they are able to recycle enough waste, they will get rewarded for what they recycled.

According to their collected points, the households will receive money for their recycling efforts.

The new reward system will work in communities, in order to cut the amount of waste that ends up on the landfills and this way people will be stimulated to recycle.

The new scheme is based on a chip, which is going to be installed in the recycling bins, in order to observe and measure the amount of the recycled waste.


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