The Countries Of The World Fight To Stop The Forest Killing


There is extremely good news for the world ecology and biological eco system. The news came from the Forecast conference in Oslo, in which took part nearly 50 developed countries from all around the world. They signed a resolution “Reducing Emission from Deforestation and Forest Degradation”.

The resolution is about partnership for one goal- reducing the emissions from deforestation actions. The pact also includes plans for over $4 billion investments in this matter.

The agreement includes most of the NGO’s countries, as well as the Environmental Defense Fund, the Union of Concerned Scientist and the Natural Resource Defense.

The group will also work on the 2012 international climate agreement as it is expected to prevent the risk from the global warming.

The forest degradation plays a major role in the global warming; therefore reducing its bad emissions will be a major step towards demolishing the climate changes.

U.S. has already urged on $1 billion to reduce the deforestation emissions. In the next 3 years the country will start working by the plan from the agreement.

The results are expected to be extremely important, when it comes to cutting the gas emissions and the global warming effect. The Norway agreement will start to work in each of the countries, which are part of the global eco initiative.


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