The Ancient Frog In Danger To Be Extinct


The Archey`s frog is the first frog on this earth as this frog species is unchanged for 150 million years. This frog existed, before the Himalayas and all the highest mountains on our globe.

The New Zealand frog is often called a survivor, for it was a witness of the dinosaurs’ era and the world evolution till today.

This species is now in danger and this can cause severe problems to the world’s biodiversity.

According to the New Zealand green organizations, the Archey`s frog may not survive the century.

The scientists’ point out the frog is one of a kind and there is no other species like it. The reason for demolishing the Archey`s frog is complicated.

The ecologists are explaining that climate changes are influencing the frog’s survival. The IUCN Red List is now classifying the frog as critically endangered. In New Zealand there are already several measures for keeping the frog that was here before the Atlantic Ocean existed.

The authorities in New Zealand have already started to preserve the population of this ancient species. The government is about to open three protected areas for the frog as they will try to isolate the effect of the global warming and climate change, in order to keep the first original frog on the earth.


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