Sustainable Behavior Example From Cleveland Mall


Cleveland Mall surely has found the perfect decision for offering sustainable food to its customers. Their Galleria at Erie view is a place, where the customers go to choose fresh and sustainable food.

The idea of creating gardens under glass inside the mall came as the manager saw a café in New York that grows plants on its windows.

The manager of the mall decided people will love to buy their own fruits and veggies exactly from the garden, so Cleveland`s mall was equipped with area for gardening. The project name was exactly Garden under Glass.

Now the Cleveland Mall is a place, where you can go and buy fresh greens, knowing where they are grown. The area offers also different sorts of herbs and the specialty are the delicious tomatoes, which are total hit at the mall.

The new invention is attracting green lovers from the state, for this is a green opportunity to eat healthy and sustainable food.


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