Solar Panels Could Be Insect Killers


Solar panels are already part of our urban architecture, but this can be extremely dangerous for certain insects.

Some of the water-loving insects are said to be in danger and they can be destroyed by the solar panels. The reason is that they lay their eggs on the panel surfaces, which means that they can’t survive. The so called aquatic insects are being affected by the solar panels and their population is demolishing.

The scientists are advising those who are about to put solar installations to avoid lakes and rivers, because this is what attracts the insects.

The surfaces of the solar panels are causing the same effect as the surfaces of the rivers or lakes. The insects get attracted by the lightening surfaces, but once they lay their eggs on the solar panels, they are most likely to be destroyed.

The illusion that provokes the insects to lay their eggs exactly on the solar panels cannot be avoided. So far, the only chance the insects are having is avoiding building solar panels near lake and rivers.


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