Race Cars Of The Future Will Run On Sustainable Fuel


In the 21 century even the racing cars are totally going green.

The latest initiative was made by the British team of London’s Imperial College of Engineering, who released an electric racing car and pulled out tests on the Pan-American Highway.

The so called Racing Green Endurance is a two-seat vehicle that has all the options a racing car could have.

The difference is that the green model is surely efficient and environmental friendly.

It might be not practical, in case you have to navigate more than 15,000 miles off road, but it is surely green. The model looks like a typical racing car and it is made with fiberglass bodywork.

As for its power, here it is involved the Chinese quality of Thundersky lithium-ion battery.

This way the Racing Green Endurance is able to guarantee an energy capacity of 54 kilowatt-hours. The surprise comes from the range, because the green racing model gives a range of 430 kilometers.

For now this is only a test model and its tests starts with long distance trail- from Alaska to South America.

If all tests go by the plan, this car will make a revolution. The good news is that this revolution will cut down the greenhouse gas emissions even in the racing tournaments.


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