Organic Coffee For The Caffeine Lover


Each day, millions of people around the world drink a cup of coffee; many times they drink even more. This makes coffee one of the most demanded crops throughout the globe, and in order to meet these needs, nations and their local farmers resort to using chemicals and artificial means to hasten the growth of coffee, producing coffee that is big in quantity but small in quality.

Luckily, coffee lovers can now enjoy the most out of their favorite beverage with organic coffee.

Most commercialized coffee makers use artificial means to give delicious flavors and varieties to the coffee we love.

In every cup of coffee, we do not see how the farmer and his family suffers and works long hours only to be paid measly amounts for the work they do, in order to meet the supply of coffee drinkers around the world.

Everything is different with organic coffee which are all natural and planted and harvested without the use of chemicals. So why should you start drinking organic coffee? What makes it different from traditionally grown coffee? Here are the answers:

  • Unlike conventional methods of growing and harvesting coffee, organic coffee farmers make use of only natural ingredients.
  • Farmers do not use toxic chemicals to hasten the growth of the coffee plant.
  • Farmers use natural methods to grow organic coffee which is also good for the soil, including inter-cropping, terracing, and composting. This also contributes to healthy soil for each harvest that is grown again and again.
  • Only biological means of pest control are used.
  • The overall product is not only great tasting coffee, but a natural and healthy ecosystem for the soil and the water used.

We often consume things and take them for granted, especially if they are things we consume so often on a daily basis.

If you drink organic coffee, you are not only consuming coffee that is much better tasting and healthier for you, but there are also several other benefits:

  • Your choice to drink organic coffee has made a significant difference in the world around you, and to the farmer thousands of miles away from you even if you can’t see how.
  • You are sustaining the farmer economically, and help them to pay their debt.
  • Farming methods for organic coffee also protects the habitats of species such as migratory birds.
  • Drinking organic coffee also keeps the land healthy by working together with nature instead of against it to produce the coffee you love so much and tend to take for granted.

If you make the decision to drink organic coffee and are able to persuade others to do the same, you will increase the demand for it and benefit the farmers, the environment, and the other people around the world who want to enjoy delicious and healthy coffee, minus the artificial chemicals and synthetics used in farming.

Although it may seem like a small step, drinking organic coffee is a big step towards achieving environmental sustainability as well.


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