Organic Chocolate For Your Sweet Cravings


Everyone loves chocolate, but not everyone understands that many chemicals and toxins are used to produce millions of chocolate bars every day throughout the world.

The chocolate bars we see on grocery shelves often have various additives placed in them to make them last longer, as well as enormous amounts of sugar to produce that sweet, delicious taste we all love. This is why chocolate has sometimes been associated with health problems, and eating too much is never advisable.

Instead of sacrificing your sweet cravings or risking your health, try organic chocolate instead.

Eating organic chocolate has several health benefits. Organic chocolate is made using only the best, high-quality ingredients in every bar.

Furthermore, the fact that it has been labeled organic means that its manufacturers have used only environmentally sustainable methods in producing that bar of delicious chocolate.

Here are some reasons why you should give organic chocolate a try:

1. Organic chocolate is equivalent to having more flavor, but less chemicals and pesticides. It’s produced from only the healthiest cacao trees, which have been nourished and sustained by farmers that work together with nature instead of against it to promote their growth and harvest.

When needed, they use pesticides and fertilizers on the plants but only resort to natural sprays. Furthermore, this method of farming makes the soil and the earth much healthier.

2. This method of growing the cacao trees means that you get more out of each bite in chocolate. The reason why we love chocolates so much is not only for its irresistible, delicious, and sweet taste, but also because certain compounds in chocolate contribute to our happiness and well-being. These include:

  • Anandamide, a compound in chocolate, is known to have calming properties.
  • Phenols in the chocolate are healthy for you, as it is known to be good for the heart and has many antioxidant properties.
  • Chocolate also boosts the serotonin and endorphin chemicals in our brain, which contributes to happiness. This is why eating chocolate instantly makes you happy!

Traditional ways of producing chocolate makes it to go through so many processes that these important elements are significantly decreased.

Organic chocolate conserves them, making the consumption of chocolate a much more enjoyable experience. Also because the production of organic chocolate uses no chemicals or toxins, it promotes these healthy benefits.

3. Dark organic chocolate has the most benefits of all, containing a high amount of antioxidants compared to other types of chocolate. These are good for protecting against cancer and heart disease.

4. The farmers also benefit from growing the cacao used in organic chocolate. The exposure to chemicals in traditional farming is hazardous to one’s health, not mentioning having to live and work in a farm where you are surrounded by it.

When you support organic chocolate, you also help the farmers live healthier, longer lives. They also benefit more economically from it because organic chocolate is produced in compliance to fair trade laws to support the farmers.


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