NREL Optimization Will Provide More US Green Energy


A recent research by NREL has proven something, which can cut down the energy waste and provide more renewable energy on large scale.

According to the research, the nation`s power grid can transmit more renewable energy than anyone ever expected. The study of NREL has a proof that the old grid is actually available to be improved in order to increase the transmitting of renewable energy.

These changes are necessary and they will actually spare a lot of investment for finding a new grid that is going to work with solar and wind energy. The existing grid, if updated will be able to achieve generating 30 percent wind energy and 5 percent solar energy.

The power transmitting can be done over large geographical areas and the good news is that it can be used for utility operations. The study of NREL is also focusing on the advantages of using renewable energy.

According to the scientist, by 2017 wind and solar energy will take 35 percent of the energy capacity.

Of course there are some requirement and operations, which will be applied on the nation`s power grid, but the result will definitely please the utilities companies and mostly- the clients looking for solar and power energy.


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