Malawi Is Going Back To Good Old Green Farming


Malawi might not sound as an example, when it comes to economy, but their latest farming model is surely setting a green example. The Malawian farmers are turning back to the oldest farming technique, which are better than the new age farming techniques, for they don’t include any chemicals or toxins.

green farming

The farmers of the biggest area in Malawi, Phambala are using only chemical-free garden models, so they harvest only green and eco vegetables and fruits. Despite the country needs a humanitarian support to survive, their vegetables are the greenest, compared to the farming technique used in the developed countries.

The old composting techniques used in the past are a guarantee that your plants will be ecologically clean and environmental friendly. Malawi has its own eco farming community. In 1980, in the country was founded the Lipangwe Organic Manure Demonstration Farm (LOMADEF).

LOMADEF is an organization that supports the old farming methods and shares the information about it with any farmer, who would want to grow his plants in a green manner. Nowadays LOMADEF is working with UK based organization and imports clean vegetables to the world.

The soil fertility, the composting and the toxin- free methods, used in the Malawi farms can be the key to a successful development of the country.


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