Guatemala – Disaster Because Of Disregarding The Environment


A giant 100- meter sinkhole killed at least two young men and absorbed about a dozen homes and buildings in Guatemala City.

The whole neighborhood was evacuated and nearly 1000 people moved within a safe distance from the sinkhole. The sinkhole amazed ecologists and observers as no one can really tell the scientific reason about it.

From the depths of the hole could be heard water flowing, and the authorities fear that the hole is likely to expand or open new ones.

According to the authorities, the credit for the vast hole goes to the recent rain season and an underground leak from cracked outgoing channels.

Despite the official explanation, the ecologists are extremely concerned about the hole and they have several versions about it.

The main version is extremely disturbing, because it shows a real danger for the environment. According to the specials, the sinkhole is due to climate anomalies and mostly because of the global warming. There are lots of theories at the moment, but all of them lead to the greenhouse effects and climate change.

This isn’t the first time when a hole opens in Guatemala, but this time the sinkhole took the life of human victims. Right now, a team of researchers, scientists and ecologists are working on the issue of preventing further disasters linked to the sinkhole.



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