Growing Nissan Leaf Inside America’s Largest Auto Plant


We are living in the age of the green cars and technology and that is a bespoke fact. Recently the biggest car manufacturers are trying to improve the green technology by creating energy efficient models and maximized green battery cars.

Nissan has always been one of the companies that are trying to achieve perfection, when it comes to green cars. Their latest surprise is their latest model Nisan Leaf, which will be released by the end of the year.

Nissan has built a special ion battery plant that costs them nearly $1 billion. The car plant is placed in Tennessee and it’s one of the biggest car plants in the world. It is nearly 1.2 million square-foot plant and it is created to supply the entirely electric model of Nissan Leaf.

The company is also offering a tour in the car plant, where the visitors will surely be surprised by the green technology Nissan is using to build its exceptional modern and green Leaf.

As for the price of the model, the good news is that it is not going to be as expensive as we thought. In California the Nissan Leaf is going to be nearly $20,000. You can also reserve one Leaf through the internet and so far 13,000 citizens reserved the Nissan Leaf.


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