Green Burial: Choose to be Buried the Natural Way

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Burials are mostly the living image of how we chose to live. So if you have a heart concerned about the environment, you have to consider being buried the ecological way.

Traditional burial and cremation practices have a negative environmental impact. The complicated methods of embalming prevent decomposing and the return to the Earth takes longer for the body. You can choose this or you can go for a greener way.

This would mean your relatives will choose a wood casket, no embalming will be involved and you will be buried a bit closer to the surface.

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So if you want to become part of the dirt you will go into, consider a simpler and closer to nature way of burial. Nature will welcome you with open arms.


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  1. Shroudwoman says:

    We failed to see the fine print that the source of your beautiful graphics is Nathan Butler of Nathan Butler Funeral Home in Indiana, one of the first funeral homes to pioneer Green Burial in this country and certainly one of the most qualified resources on this subject.

  2. Hunter says:

    If we don’t encase the dead deep underground in cement and steel, they will most assuredly rise up against us during the coming zompocalypse.

    Bury them right, or cremate them, unless you want to become a zombie too!

  3. OpenyourEyes says:

    Interestingly, Muslims already do the greener way to bury their dead. Nothing but a clean white shrouder. I hope that simple fact opens up some peoples thoughts and clears away the doubt.

  4. illona says:

    FOREST GRAVEYARDS. Plant a tree above the buried. Their physical self provides nutrients for the tree. The tree provides much more for the living. Imagine neatly kept forests. Nuts, fruits, all interplanted in a permaculture setting. That is a green burial.

  5. Paul says:

    I’m glad that with all the crap happening in the world people have time or even care enough to actually research this kind of thing.

    • Wendiego says:

      Um…. dying IS a part of the “real world,” like it or not. No one or no living thing is immune. In light of the environmental disaster that is the BP oil spill, this article is perfect to get across the point that we do need to think about the way we do things.

  6. Anonmous says:

    Too bad that “Green Burial” would be illegal in most places.

  7. Tt says:

    Islamic burials in Bosnia and Herzegovina offer a very green way of burying: the deceased is given a bath and wrapped in sheets. There is no casket in the sense of a closed box, the deceased is laid on a wooden surface with a small frame on the narrow sides. A large piece of cloth is used to wrap the frame with the deceased in it.
    A hole around 2m deep is dug and the deceased is placed in it with wooden boards placed over in a diagonal way and covered with ground. Usually a wooden headpiece is put and that’s it.

    (some overdo it with later-added tomb-like stone and concrete structures)

  8. szand0r says:

    Excellent. Now it will be much easier for my zombie army to rise from the grave.

  9. boolean says:

    If it’s good enough for Nate Fisher, it’s good enough for me.

    • Wendiego says:

      And in Six Feet Under, didn’t his in-laws get super-upset that he chose to bury his wife that way? I think it was illegal in that show too, which is too bad. It makes sense to do it this way, really.

  10. zen says:

    Wrap body in organic cotton cloth. Dig 6 foot hole. Place body in hole. Cover hole. Oh wait, Muslims already do that all over the world.
    Cheap, Environmentally Friendly and you get to give a fraction back to the earth.

  11. Yourfatmother says:

    Or you could be buried ass up and make a nice bike rack.

  12. Nicholas Sterling says:

    Well, if you really want to do one last good deed, consider

  13. hmm hmm says:

    One can go for a sky-burial. Put the body high up in the open sky, perched on some structure made of natural materials. Then vultures/crows would be able to finish off the carcass.

  14. greenburry says:

    @ ZEN, you are a well read person !

    undertakers will go bankrupt if people start following the way of muslims, also the same lot is used again for other muslim burials, a few years later.

  15. Richard case says:

    My prefered way to be honest, I think donate all my needed organs, then give the remainder for all the insects to feed on. And hey, I ain’t there anymore and at least I’ve won the lottery of life and actually lived!! As for any loved ones light a candle at home remember my life and get on with yours cause youll be joining me one day.

  16. Mike says:

    I’m very curious of the legality of this. This is how I’ve wanted to be buried for a long time, but my understanding is that there are strict laws on burials in most of the US.

  17. klu9 says:

    Traditional Western burials do seem a great waste.

    On the other hand, with a green burial, I just hope no-one later suspects you were murdered and wants to exhume your body to find evidence. Coz there won’t be any left.

  18. Lydia Bess Omen says:

    Yeah, WTF is up with standard burial in this country? Though, as others who are concerned about the coming zombiepocalypse have noted, cremation is obviously the way to go. If I weren’t so concerned about the looming zombie threat, a green burial would obviously be fine. The standard burial racket is absolutely appalling and detrimental to the planet for many reasons.

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