Fishing Laws May Prove To Benefit The Ocean Repopulation


According to a recent study, closing fishing areas for a certain period of time is actually very good for the fishing population. The research that was held in Kenya shows that closing fishing area is a long-term investment for the fishermen income.

In the period when the areas are closed, the fish grows bigger and it refreshes its population.

The scientists observed several fishing areas in Kenya, where the result after the temporary fishing prohibition was amazing.

It turned to be a real miracle, when it comes to the fish population. The fish grew bigger and for the fishermen this means a more numerous young generation.

Now the researchers want to achieve another thing – new laws for closing the fishing areas regularly. Part of the suggestions, based on that research is that setting new laws will increase fish population and will help the ecosystem to renew by itself. This will surely give to the industry more profits.


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