Eco Designed Pizza Box That Also Serves As Plates


In a world of green innovations, even the way we eat our pizzas, is going to be environmental friendly. This is possible thanks to a new innovation – the so called Green Box, created by the Environmentally Conscious Organization Inc.

The organization created a pizza box made of sustainable and recyclable materials. The good news is the box will come to us on the same price and it will include some new features. The Green Box is ready to be transformed into four serving plates.

The innovation is surely a better option for the users. The Green Box is reducing the bad chemicals that usually came from the regular pizza box and moreover, it is preventing hazardous elements to reach your stomach.

The regularly pizza boxes are containing hazardous ingredients and the process of producing them is also increasing the greenhouse gas emissions. The new pizza box is sustainable and even more it is made to be an environmental-friendly product.

Another advantage of using the Green box is that you can easily store it in a refrigerator. After the usage, you can recycle it. This invention is just another good way to save the natural sources that are used for creating the typical pizza boxes.


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