Convenient Shopping With An Eco Friendly Bag


The past couple of years, many people have started turning more environmentally conscious. This is because of researches showing how much impact people are making on the environment and the negative conditions that we are having right now – dwindling natural resources, global warning as well as the alarming destruction of our natural environment.

One major move that shopping malls and individuals have resorted to help save the world is replacing the traditional plastic bag with a reusable eco-friendly bag.

Reuse and recycle an eco friendly bag

According to the American Food Marketing Institute, average Americans walks away carrying five up to ten bags of groceries on each trip. When added up, this would make an average of 600 to 1,200 grocery bags per year.

In 2002, the Australian Government has identified that if an individual would use a reusable bag for a year, there will only be 9% consumption of energy and will have only 10% emission of greenhouse gases from plastic bags.

Furthermore, the American Forest and Paper Association has claimed that the United States alone have used 10 million paper bags in 1999, showing really how huge the number of trees are being destroyed with the usage.

This is one of the reasons why people came up with the eco friendly bag as the best alternative for shopping. It is environmentally friendly which can be reused and recycled anytime for shopping as well as other purposes.

They come in different sizes and styles to meet the needs of every shopper. There are small tote bags and extra large bags to accommodate all items.

Eco friendly bag is also available in different colors and designs, and they are very cost-effective and conveniently made for all your shopping comfort. Eco-friendly bag is usually made from durable lightweight materials that you can also use for carrying other things aside from grocery and items you brought shopping.

Why use eco-friendly bags?

A good quality eco friendly bag is made from materials that will not harm the environment during production. They have no damaging chemicals used because they are biodegradable bags.

Environmentally conscious individuals will have lesser worries as they are guaranteed that no negative impact will be left to the environment each time an eco-friendly bag is made.

An eco friendly bag is made from 100% durable cotton materials with reinforced straps. Canvas reusable shopping bags are also an easy and cost-efficient method of reducing our impact on the environment. Moreover, you don’t waste anything because you don’t have to throw them away after use.

Producing plastic bags uses up millions of gallons of oil while making paper bags have devastating impact on our forests. Plastic bags also contain toxins which can leak and contaminate our environment and it would take thousands of years to break down and decay.

Fortunately, more and more stores, traditional or online are now carrying eco friendly bag with different designs and sizes. Prices can vary according to the style or size that you choose but you will surely find one that will fit your needs and your budget.


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