Be Creative With Recycled Gifts


Special occasions call for special gifts. Every now and then you get invited to birthday parties, baptismal, wedding, and other events that require you to give a gift.

The thing about buying presents in shops is that you’ll end up buying the same stuffs as other guests or the celebrator already has them. If you want to give something special and different, you should consider giving recycled gifts.

It is never easy to find the perfect gift. You have to shop for one not just in one store but have to look for it in several shops. Further, you also can’t pick just about anything since there are so many things to consider.

You have to allot a specific budget for the gift, find out the interests of the celebrator, and make sure that it has to be different. So why worry yourself about these when you can have the perfect gift? The answer is recycled gifts.

Recycled gifts will definitely stand out among the presents in the party. It is because they are unique, original, and have sentimental value since you’re the one who made them from scratch.

Nobody will have the same gifts as you, once you make and give recycled gifts.

Advantages of recycled gifts

1. No cost at all

The beauty about recycled gifts is that you don’t have to pay for them at all. You’ll need a few materials here and there but overall, they will only cost you your time, effort, and creativity. You can make recycled gifts from your old stuffs like cans, boxes, and even scratch papers.

2. Awaken your creativity

Thinking about the ideal recycled gifts can make your imagination run wild. Think about how you can turn your trash or old things into the ideal recycled gifts.

You have to tap your creative side just to make the right presents in such a way that they will not look cheap at all but unique.

3. Save the world

Global warming is a major problem the world is facing today. You can help preserve our environment by making recycled gifts.

At least, you no longer have to contribute to the garbage found around us. Recycled gifts are not only practical but they also show that you care for your environment.

Recycled gifts ideas

If recycled gifts are something you’re not familiar with, then it’s only normal to feel worried about making or buying them.

Don’t fret since there are many recycled gifts sold in the market today and you can even make your own. Here are some recycled gifts ideas you may want to check out:

1. Paper products

Recycled paper products like stationeries, scrapbook, notebook, card, and boxes are excellent recycled gifts ideas. They are made from scratch papers and even plants. Further, they’re available in various colors, designs, and scents too.

2. Pots and cans

You can reuse your old pots and cans and turn them into unique recycled gifts. You can repaint them, cover them with decorative paper, and put glitter or draw designs on them. They will make a great place to plant herbs or as storage for kitchen condiments.

3. Plastic bags

Looking around you, you’ll notice that majority of garbage are plastics. You may not be aware of it but these plastics can be made into special recycled gifts.

You can use juice packs or empty bags of chips into bags. Think of a design you want and then sew them together. Add some decorations and you’ll have the most creative recycled gifts to give your girlfriends.


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