Bacteria Could Convert Greenhouse Gas Into Methane


In the recent years the experts are talking about a bacteria that actually eats oil. This bacteria was part of the research that was pulled out by the University of Calgary professor Steve Larter.

greenhouse gas into methaneHe is the one behind an unusual invention. The “bad” bacteria are in fact not so bad, because thanks to them we can convert the greenhouse gas into methane.

This sounds impossible, but is actually already a fact. Professor Larter released the results from the research and said that if these microbes are pumped into oil wells, they will convert the crude.

The transformation is amazing, because the crude can be transformed into natural clean gas even while it is in the oil wells. The research also suggests that we can try the same with sequestered CO2.

If we pump it into a container filled with the carbon- devouring bacteria, it could actually be turned into clean and usable fuel.


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