Art And Recycling Going Hand In Hand


Recycling is an art and this is a proven fact since the green life style is ruling our century. There are many ideas how to create art out of recycling materials, but the Canadian artist Brian Jungen surprised us with his creative vision about it.

The artist created the Carapace and this is a sculpture made of plastic cans that usually end up on the landfill. The artist just gathered together different pieces from those difficult to recycle material and created a giant turtle shell. Now that is creativity!

art & recycling

His creation is another proof we can transform our trash into reused and provocative art and that the process is not that difficult if we put our mind at it.

Brian is an award winner of the Gershon Iskowitz Prize in Canada, for his green art and amazing contribution. The sculpture is an answer to the question what we are going to do with the unrecyclable materials.

Basically Jungen sets an example about the three important Rs in this art – recycle, reuse, reinvent. Can you do the same?


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