Anchorage Teaches Us A Lesson In Food Grease Recycling


Alaska Waste is one of those companies that set examples, when it comes to green and sustainable business. The company has an interesting strategy and its biodiesel plant based in south Anchorage is a step into a greener future.

Their plant is built with the investment of $3 million and its green goals are several: reducing air pollution, cutting down the greenhouse gas emissions and mostly – turning the grease from the landfills into a biodiesel fuel.

The company is collecting used oil from nearly 240 restaurants, hospitals, hotels and bars located in Girdwood and Wasilla. The fryer oil is usually ending at the landfills, instead of being reused.

Before Alaska Waste started to collect it, the food grease was dumped at the landfills. Now the company is going to cooperate with some local distributors and will sell their bio oil, made of reused grease to the local residents. This is also the first company that is reusing the food grease on the territory of Alaska.


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